Our Services

At Consultis, our holistic approach enables us to thoroughly understand our clients' needs from every perspective. Beyond merely delivering services, we are committed to becoming trusted partners who consistently surpass expectations. Our diverse range of services focuses primarily on the following areas:

Emerging Companies and Startups Support:

Tailored guidance for startups and emerging companies navigating their growth journey. We assist entrepreneurs in overcoming challenges and seizing opportunities in dynamic markets. From initial conceptualization to market entry and expansion, our comprehensive advisory services include business planning, market analysis, strategic positioning, funding strategies, and operational efficiency. Our goal is to empower startups to achieve sustainable growth and establish a robust foundation for long-term success.

Employment and Labour Advisory:

Comprehensive services covering employment and labour law, employee benefits, social security, pensions, and human resources management.

Real Estate Services:

Expertise in handling all aspects of real estate, from transactions to investments.

Funding Projects and Grant Applications:

Assistance in securing national and European funding and grants through strategic project planning and application support. We provide end-to-end services encompassing project design, application support, and full project implementation. Emphasizing thorough project monitoring and evaluation ensures objectives are met. Robust risk management strategies and stakeholder engagement enhance project success and alignment with organizational goals.

Training Solutions:

Customized training solutions tailored to diverse organizational needs, drawing from formal, non-formal, and informal education sources. Our comprehensive support spans program design through to implementation, monitoring, ongoing management, and assessment.

Impact Investing Guidance:

Specialized advice for clients investing in Portugal, focusing on generating measurable social or environmental benefits alongside financial returns. Our approach integrates impact assessment frameworks and sustainability metrics to guide investment decisions aligned with clients' values and goals. We collaborate closely with stakeholders to identify impactful investment opportunities, facilitate due diligence processes, and optimize portfolio performance. Promoting responsible and sustainable investment practices empowers clients to achieve meaningful impact and financial resilience in a dynamic global landscape.

Environmental Sustainability Initiatives:

Environmental Sustainability Initiatives: Support for businesses in adopting sustainable practices to reduce environmental impact and enhance corporate responsibility. Our services include developing tailored sustainability strategies, integrating green technologies, ensuring environmental compliance, and fostering a culture of environmental stewardship. Collaborative implementation of effective solutions enhances long-term business resilience and competitiveness.

Research, Development, and Innovation (RDI) Initiatives:

Expertise in advancing technological and scientific endeavors, fostering innovation, and enhancing competitiveness. We provide strategic guidance and operational support throughout the RDI lifecycle, from ideation to project execution and commercialization. Nurturing an innovative culture enables clients to achieve breakthroughs and maintain industry leadership.

Business Solutions Package:

Comprehensive solutions tailored to streamline operations and optimize business performance. Our services include strategic planning, process improvement, and efficiency enhancement.

Global Perspective:

Our integrated services mindset equips clients with the tools and knowledge needed for the success of national and transnational projects. Understanding each client’s uniqueness, we tailor strategies accordingly. This often involves seamless coordination with other service providers, acting as the sole point of contact overseeing the entire process. Our network includes diverse entities such as companies, NGOs, government agencies, schools, universities, training centres, research institutions, nonprofit organizations, and consulting firms.